mercoledì 25 febbraio 2015

Life is hard in the details

Il mio primo romanzo tradotto in inglese, disponibile su

Life is often filled with difficulties and traumatic events that change us in our daily lives, that seemed invariable in the flow of our ordinary days. This novel is about all that as well as other mundane things. In the seven chapters of this book, there is an assigned story to a each character. In the lives of all the protagonists of this novel, there are events and situations that have an affect on the core of their existence; some confront their demons and come out winners after all, but others, unfortunately, do not. Roberto Bonfanti was born in Vinci, Italy. He is a professional sound engineer and a theater technician. He is a lover of literature from an early age and wrote poems, short stories, magazine articles, and etc. In recent years, he has made a kind of contemporary thriller novels and a collection of short stories inspired by his own professional career.

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